Demo Zone | Tuesday

Event Time

Tuesday, September 24 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Event Location

Location: Exhibit Hall | Demo Zone, Booth U24

Session Information

Title: Demo Zone | Tuesday


Knowledge is Power! Don’t miss Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance as we present a unique 3-day learning experience at CAMX 2019!

10:00 am             Knowledge Segment - Aerospace: Mold Release for Smooth Tool Finish

10:10 am             Knowledge Segment - Automating Gel Coat Application

10:30 am             Power Demo - Infusion for Wind Energy

11:00 am             Light RTM Consumer Rec Work Cell Production Starts

11:00 am             Knowledge Segment - Kitting Reinforcement for Marine Applications               

11:30 am             Knowledge Segment - Aerospace Prepreg Tooling Systems: Preparing the Pattern

11:45 am             Power Demo - Aerospace: Using Carbon and Infusion to Produce Quality Tooling

12:30 pm             Knowledge Segment - Aerospace Prepreg Tooling Systems: Layup      

1:00 pm               Power Demo - Consumer Recreation: From Preform to Infusion               

1:45 pm               Knowledge Segment - Aerospace: Out-of-Autoclave Prepreg               

2:15 pm               Power Demo - New Resin Technology for RTM and Infusion                

3:00 pm               Knowledge Segment - Lightweight Sandwich Core for Marine Applications

3:15 pm               Power Demo - Consumer Rec: Producing Multiple Parts with Light RTM               

4:00 pm               Power Demo - 3D Printing with Xstrand® Filament Glass              

4:30 pm               Open House

Type: CAMX Extras