AR/VR Modules for Advanced Composites Manufacturing for Industry and STEM Training

Wednesday, September 25 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Location: Convention Center I 210A

Session Information

Title: AR/VR Modules for Advanced Composites Manufacturing for Industry and STEM Training


The world of composites manufacturing is continually evolving.  There are a host of manufacturing processes that apply to thermoset and thermoplastic resins, combined with discontinuous and continuous fiber reinforcements.  Examples include long fiber thermoplastics extrusion-injection molding, pelletizing/compounding, sheet molding compound, advanced tool designs, compression molding to name a few.  The ability to deliver the information to a user becomes extremely powerful provided the user can visualize the process in a virtual and/or augmented reality environment.  While the AR/VR world is more tailored to gaming applications, there are very few - to nonexistent training materials for advanced composite materials and manufacturing.  We have/are systematically developing AR/VR modules that provide the user a full experience of the manufacturing environment, materials and process flow - as if they were at the equipment/asset.  This makes learning very real and the ability for a company to deliver the experiences to its customer is lot more cost effective.  This paper or education session will go over the development of the AR/VR modules in an Oculus hardware environment.  Several Oculus 3D headsets will be made available in the presentation room so that the viewer's can experience the manufacturing modules and provide feedback. This development has long standing education, training and cost reduction benefits to the composites industry at large.  The work is enabled by IACMI-The Composites Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The University of Tennessee.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Manufacturing & Processing Technologies Conference Track