Closing Luncheon: Composites in Sports

Event Time

Thursday, September 26 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

Event Location

Location: Convention Center | Ballroom | Level 3

Session Information

Title: Closing Luncheon: Composites in Sports


Composites are being used to revolutionize sports. They help athlete’s better their performance and protect them. Athletes are taking notice of the “composites difference”, and sporting goods companies are responding by incorporating composites into their products. Join us for lunch, networking, and hear our panel of experts who will discuss some of the equipment trends for the sports they manufacture and design for, the benefits of composites and how composites can become more common place in sports. We’ll also discuss how the current political climate regarding tariff’s and the workforce shortage in the US are affecting production and sourcing. This is sure to be an interesting discussion that will help you watch your favorite sporting events with a new “composites” lens! The luncheon is open to all attendees and exhibitors (ticket required).

Type: Special Events