Cost Effective Thermoplastic Composites in Aerostructures [Tech Paper]

Wednesday, September 25 4:00 PM - 4:25 PM

Location: Convention Center I 210C

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Title: Cost Effective Thermoplastic Composites in Aerostructures [Tech Paper]


 The current capabilities and state of the art in fabricating continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (TP) matrix composite parts for aerospace structural applications are discussed. These materials and technologies are providing significant cost reduction compared to current state of the art thermoset materials and processes. The major reason for this due to the ability to process parts quickly as no reactive chemistry is required. Fabric reinforced TP composites have been used in aircraft production applications for many years, mostly in interior and secondary structure applications. Unidirectional tapes provide maximum design flexibility and structural performance, but the rapid fabrication of parts manufactured from unidirectional tapes have many challenges.  These are now being overcome resulting in the use of TP composites in highly structural aerospace applications while achieving the fabrication cost benefits.

Type: Advances in Materials Conference Track